Author: Krystle Kopacz

Is expertise the new currency in a world of AI-generated content? Here are how search leads from ESPN, Amsive Digital and The Washington Post are thinking about use of their experts:  “…Give your brand staff a real, true voice with opinions and perspectives” “We want to elevate the experts that we have on staff and […]

I love a good underdog story. In marketing, going against a huge budget can be demoralizing. But huge budgets have a lot of distractions and bureaucracy and hubris, too.  You can succeed by being more focused, more organized, and more ruthless than well-funded competition. Here’s how:  Pick a smaller subset of the audience and serve […]

Inbound channels are a mess right now. Let’s consider the evidence: Twitter is an ongoing saga. Facebook is in decline. Instagram and TikTok aren’t designed to drive traffic anywhere but their own platforms. Search is existentially threatened by AI, and changes to Google’s algorithm – scratch that, the product and service it provides overall – […]

I’ll admit it: Getting a lot of views to content feels really good. It’s a signal that your strategy is working. It’s a sign that people in your audience want to consume your content and find it really important.  Actually, in B2B content marketing it might not be any of those things. It just feels […]


Let me know if this sounds familiar: You downloaded a research report online. Within hours, you’re getting bombarded with emails and even calls (yes, I’ve been called to buy software within hours of downloading research reports) that assume you’re in the market for whatever the report’s sponsor is selling. That most of us have been […]

We recently wrote about how COVID has changed B2B buying – and how decisions are slower because more vendors are being considered and more stakeholders are weighing in. This obviously hurts sellers themselves (78% report it’s more difficult to get buy-in on sales… ugh) but that pain extends to the buyers too, who are forced […]

We spend a lot of time talking about attention: how to understand it, how to earn it, how to use it to grow. Attracting attention from your target audience is the most foundational building block of content marketing. Without it, your efforts don’t matter. But the second critical building block is trust. Once you’ve commanded […]

what makes content popular according to research

If all content creation is part art and part science, most of us will agree the art gets most of the credit because it’s more exciting to talk about. But research proves that there is a scientific formula for producing popular content. The more you lean into it, the more likely you are to succeed. […]

We know COVID-19 has changed buying and selling, accelerating digital media trends and creating new norms for how we communicate virtually. But beyond broad theories on what’s changed for marketers, what does it mean practically? And more importantly, how can marketers adapt in the near- and long-term?   A new study of B2B buyers and sellers […]