Author: Krystle Kopacz


Julie Shapiro remembers when she first decided to publish a story about the coronavirus. It was early February 2020, and the virus had just begun to circulate broadly in China. She called one of New York’s best infectious disease specialists, and in hours had a story on the threat that “just blew up — people […]


Revmade regularly scours the internet for new studies that offer important insights for marketers. Then we write them up for you in as few words as possible. (Want to get them emailed to you? Sign up here.) Lots of brands like to tell their story (to mixed reviews among audiences). But what elements of a […]


This article is part of a new content series from Revmade that explores how the most dynamic content marketers approach their work. These days, Sondra Hadden’s work is all about creating demand for content. The first half of her job focuses on building a magnet for scientific audiences to discover American Chemical Society’s (ACS) media […]


Your target audiences and buyer personas are defined, and they’re already helping your organization connect its work and communications to buyer goals. Congratulations — it takes a lot of legwork to detail and segment this group, and after it’s done (if it’s done right), it all seems obvious in hindsight. That’s how you know the […]


This article is part of a new content series from Revmade that explores how the most dynamic content marketers approach their work.  Chloe Thompson has a system for her company’s content marketing. And it’s powered by constant communication — and strong partnership — with her sales team. Last week, a sales development representative shot her […]

One of the hardest truths about corporate culture is that new ideas, no matter how researched and strategic and exciting, can easily morph to look a lot like existing ideas.  Blame nothing but the process itself: Just like a stone that gets hit by water over thousands of years, corporate culture and ideals and reviews […]

You just launched a newsletter. How quickly are you checking to see what subject line worked best?  If you’re one of those brands (or people) that’s significantly stats-minded, the answer is probably right away. Digital metrics can be addicting — never before in the history of marketing have we been able to get the immediate […]

Every content marketer struggles with one ever-present question: “How often should we be producing content, anyway?  There’s no one correct answer. Some common ways that companies land on content cadence include:  Budget and resources: What resources are available to produce content in the first place? Channel strategy: What existing channels need to be “filled”? Building […]


Creating content that your audiences love is only one part of the content strategy puzzle