Month: July 2021


This article is part of a new content series from Revmade that explores how the most dynamic content marketers approach their work. These days, Sondra Hadden’s work is all about creating demand for content. The first half of her job focuses on building a magnet for scientific audiences to discover American Chemical Society’s (ACS) media […]


Your target audiences and buyer personas are defined, and they’re already helping your organization connect its work and communications to buyer goals. Congratulations — it takes a lot of legwork to detail and segment this group, and after it’s done (if it’s done right), it all seems obvious in hindsight. That’s how you know the […]

  As audiences’ digital media habits evolve, marketers must evolve with them. That’s why we were keen to read the latest research in the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s Digital News Report 2021. Compelling in a normal year, this report is an essential review following one of the most disruptive years ever for […]

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Behind every successful content marketing program is at least one person who cares a whole hell of a lot. That person is the difference between content that feels like a deliverable and content that feels like a destination. Based on our experience working with marketers behind some of the most successful and sustainable programs in […]

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