Author: Krystle Kopacz

One of the hardest truths about corporate culture is that new ideas, no matter how researched and strategic and exciting, can easily morph to look a lot like existing ideas.  Blame nothing but the process itself: Just like a stone that gets hit by water over thousands of years, corporate culture and ideals and reviews […]

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You just launched a newsletter. How quickly are you checking to see what subject line worked best?  If you’re one of those brands (or people) that’s significantly stats-minded, the answer is probably right away. Digital metrics can be addicting — never before in the history of marketing have we been able to get the immediate […]

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Every content marketer struggles with one ever-present question: “How often should we be producing content, anyway?  There’s no one correct answer. Some common ways that companies land on content cadence include:  Budget and resources: What resources are available to produce content in the first place? Channel strategy: What existing channels need to be “filled”? Building […]

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Creating content that your audiences love is only one part of the content strategy puzzle

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  “These independent content creators are killing us,” a head of marketing told me recently.Does this sound familiar? In many markets, Instagrammers, newsletter writers, and YouTubers with next-to-nothing budgets are amassing audiences and trust faster than comparatively well-funded and resourced operations (for example, 90% of the content Gen Z consumes is created by individuals, not […]

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You’re a content marketer in 2021, there’s a war for attention among your competitors (they are, of course, all creating content as well), and you’re trying to figure out how to win. How do you set up for success? We’ve spent the last few years obsessing over the tools the best content marketers use — or […]

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We’ve heard a lot about the frustration of sales teams in the past few months.  Building relationships builds business. Remember when we met someone at a trade show, got to know someone over a coffee, pitched to a room full of people and had a discussion about how to best serve them? We’ve been missing […]

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finding a focus

There are three things that matter most in content marketing: Audience relevance, content format, and a regular feedback loop.

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There is a relatively simple formula to drive audience loyalty, and it is this: Learn your audience’s problems.  Solve one or more of their problems through your content.  Keep solving their problems with more content.  Remind them you’re solving their problems through a direct messaging channel. While the formula is simple, doing each step right […]

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