Month: May 2021

Think about the last major decision you made for your business. Did you use your gut, or did you use your data? Marketing leaders often opt for somewhere between the two ends of this spectrum for most of their decisions: On one end, you make decisions based purely on your anecdotal experience, without meaningful external […]

One of the hardest truths about corporate culture is that new ideas, no matter how researched and strategic and exciting, can easily morph to look a lot like existing ideas.  Blame nothing but the process itself: Just like a stone that gets hit by water over thousands of years, corporate culture and ideals and reviews […]

My original career goal was to be a rockstar. My plan: Drop out of college as soon as my band was discovered at a dingy bar or an even dingier frat house gig by an agent who thought that Holden Caulfield (sigh, I know) was the next big thing. Well, there’s a reason I’m sitting […]

You just launched a newsletter. How quickly are you checking to see what subject line worked best?  If you’re one of those brands (or people) that’s significantly stats-minded, the answer is probably right away. Digital metrics can be addicting — never before in the history of marketing have we been able to get the immediate […]