Month: February 2021


  “These independent content creators are killing us,” a head of marketing told me recently.Does this sound familiar? In many markets, Instagrammers, newsletter writers, and YouTubers with next-to-nothing budgets are amassing audiences and trust faster than comparatively well-funded and resourced operations (for example, 90% of the content Gen Z consumes is created by individuals, not […]

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plugging expertise into marketing abstract art

I found myself deep in a rabbit hole of anxiety one recent night, with a headache and a clicking sound that both felt like they were getting more intense by the second. Oh, what, you thought I was describing my symptoms? Nope, just describing my experience searching for medical advice online. (The clicking sound was the […]

Do you use marketing platforms and listening tools to get data, or to get insights?

You’re a content marketer in 2021, there’s a war for attention among your competitors (they are, of course, all creating content as well), and you’re trying to figure out how to win. How do you set up for success? We’ve spent the last few years obsessing over the tools the best content marketers use — or […]

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