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Is expertise the new currency in a world of AI-generated content? Here are how search leads from ESPN, Amsive Digital and The Washington Post are thinking about use of their experts:  “…Give your brand staff a real, true voice with opinions and perspectives” “We want to elevate the experts that we have on staff and […]

I’ll admit it: Getting a lot of views to content feels really good. It’s a signal that your strategy is working. It’s a sign that people in your audience want to consume your content and find it really important.  Actually, in B2B content marketing it might not be any of those things. It just feels […]

We spend a lot of time talking about attention: how to understand it, how to earn it, how to use it to grow. Attracting attention from your target audience is the most foundational building block of content marketing. Without it, your efforts don’t matter. But the second critical building block is trust. Once you’ve commanded […]

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I found myself deep in a rabbit hole of anxiety one recent night, with a headache and a clicking sound that both felt like they were getting more intense by the second. Oh, what, you thought I was describing my symptoms? Nope, just describing my experience searching for medical advice online. (The clicking sound was the […]