Month: June 2021


At Revmade, we’re constantly keeping track of content trends across our clients’ industries through an approach we call our Relevance Monitor – a methodology for uncovering audience intelligence for our clients that we’re constantly refining. And today we decided to kick off a series of articles to look at what’s relevant across different industries and […]

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This article is part of a new content series from Revmade that explores how the most dynamic content marketers approach their work.  Chloe Thompson has a system for her company’s content marketing. And it’s powered by constant communication — and strong partnership — with her sales team. Last week, a sales development representative shot her […]

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It was seven years ago that I read a headline that made me laugh and then nod my head and then sigh in quiet desperation – and seven years later, it’s still just as true. The headline belonged to a Washington Post article that analyzed a research report on just how few people downloaded research […]