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  As audiences’ digital media habits evolve, marketers must evolve with them. That’s why we were keen to read the latest research in the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s Digital News Report 2021. Compelling in a normal year, this report is an essential review following one of the most disruptive years ever for […]


At Revmade, we’re constantly keeping track of content trends across our clients’ industries through an approach we call our Relevance Monitor – a methodology for uncovering audience intelligence for our clients that we’re constantly refining. And today we decided to kick off a series of articles to look at what’s relevant across different industries and […]

Protesters in the streets. Current and former employees lambasting you and your team on live television. The Prime Minister himself condemning your strategy. And it all could have been easily avoided with a few conversations with key stakeholders. The rise and fall of the Super League — a proposed new European soccer league — is […]

We’re fascinated by the rapidly evolving nature of our industry and the broader content marketing space. Technologies and methodologies that were pipe dreams even five years ago are now reaching full adoption among the most sophisticated content marketers. But this comes with a downside — bad actors use these same technologies to take advantage of […]

  Have you ever tried to find information about an embarrassing health issue? Something you wouldn’t want to share with your friends or acquaintances? Of course you have — and like most people, you probably did it through a search engine. Google is a repository of a seemingly uncountable number of queries on topics we’d […]

It’s true: 2020 was a tumultuous year for writing about health topics, to say the least. The world’s hyper-focus on COVID upended every organization’s messaging strategy, and a year of disruption stretched audiences’ capacity for editorial coverage to the limit. Any article discussing future trends risks going out of date (remember those trends pieces written […]

Search data is fascinating. First of all, yes, I know I’m a nerd, but let’s move past that. While sources like Facebook and Twitter tend to be influenced by social proof and peer pressure, I see search data as a more accurate peek into what audiences really think and care about. Especially if you read […]