Author: Andrew Hanelly

Your subject-matter experts are basically geniuses. They are solving complicated problems with nuanced and well-developed points of view. They understand the context, background, ancient history, pros, cons, landmines, tripwires, roadblocks and hurdles surrounding all the challenges your audience (read: your prospective and current customers) may face. Of course they do. This is what makes them […]

plugging expertise into marketing abstract art

I found myself deep in a rabbit hole of anxiety one recent night, with a headache and a clicking sound that both felt like they were getting more intense by the second. Oh, what, you thought I was describing my symptoms? Nope, just describing my experience searching for medical advice online. (The clicking sound was the […]

We were huddled around a conference table in a marketing war room one day around the time that smart-home technology products went from being the stuff of science fiction movies to being real things you could have in your real home. The Internet of Things, as it was being called, was here. As I worked […]


We’ve all seen the dashboards. The NASA-style command centers. The PowerPoint slides that promise perpetual up-and-to-the-right performance. We have all heard the promise of how data-driven content marketing is the difference between mediocre and amazing content marketing. The difference between promotions and budget cuts. The now and the future of content marketing. Et cetera, ad […]


Our three-step plan for how to get a productive content strategy conversation going in your own organization.


One of the biggest challenges marketers face in bringing brilliant ideas to actual real life is in getting buy-in from skeptical executives in other disciplines who are, well, skeptical executives. The trick? Speaking the language of revenue – not reach – and showing them how marketing can do more than generate marketing outcomes – it […]


Media are brands and brands are media in the new attention economy.


Finding the right moment for marketing: Building a content strategy around moments of truth.


High-growth organizations view data and creative as two sides of the same coin. As for the rest? Marketing still feels more like *flipping* a coin.