Month: September 2020

If you’re a marketer, then you’ve seen an audience persona or two (or two hundred) in your line of work. To be sure, they have the potential to be useful tools that help teams keep their focus on core audiences: A mix of qualitative and quantitative data, from surveys and stakeholder conversations, that is summarized […]

My colleague Andrew wrote recently about one of the pitfalls in performance insights: the temptation to grab easy-to-track metrics as KPIs. They’re right on the front page of your default Google Analytics overview tab, so they must be important, right? Not necessarily! Almost every one of these metrics has at least one fatal flaw when […]

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We’ve all seen the dashboards. The NASA-style command centers. The PowerPoint slides that promise perpetual up-and-to-the-right performance. We have all heard the promise of how data-driven content marketing is the difference between mediocre and amazing content marketing. The difference between promotions and budget cuts. The now and the future of content marketing. Et cetera, ad […]