Author: Joshua Lasky

Do you use marketing platforms and listening tools to get data, or to get insights?

It’s true: 2020 was a tumultuous year for writing about health topics, to say the least. The world’s hyper-focus on COVID upended every organization’s messaging strategy, and a year of disruption stretched audiences’ capacity for editorial coverage to the limit. Any article discussing future trends risks going out of date (remember those trends pieces written […]

Search data is fascinating. First of all, yes, I know I’m a nerd, but let’s move past that. While sources like Facebook and Twitter tend to be influenced by social proof and peer pressure, I see search data as a more accurate peek into what audiences really think and care about. Especially if you read […]

If you’re a marketer, then you’ve seen an audience persona or two (or two hundred) in your line of work. To be sure, they have the potential to be useful tools that help teams keep their focus on core audiences: A mix of qualitative and quantitative data, from surveys and stakeholder conversations, that is summarized […]

My colleague Andrew wrote recently about one of the pitfalls in performance insights: the temptation to grab easy-to-track metrics as KPIs. They’re right on the front page of your default Google Analytics overview tab, so they must be important, right? Not necessarily! Almost every one of these metrics has at least one fatal flaw when […]

Reflect, for a moment, on your organization’s marketing efforts over the past year. You identified your target audience, laid out a content strategy, created (and produced against) an editorial calendar, and distributed that content out across your preferred platforms and channels. Hopefully you even followed our five-step process to improve your content marketing results! But… […]

Effectiveness and efficiency: the two watchwords of any marketing team worth its salt. You’re achieving the goals of your content marketing efforts, all while keeping a governing handle on costs at the same time. It can be a tightrope at the best of times, but lately holding the line on both of these goals has […]

So, how is your year going? Business as usual, right? Let’s be honest: who among us is comfortable with the state of media and marketing? The only thing we know for certain is that uncertainty will persist for the foreseeable future. But that hasn’t stopped a flood of think pieces on marketing in “the new […]